Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Teacher As A Person In Society

(Welcome Education 128 students!!! Please take time to read our first lesson and accomplish what is expected of you for our next class session.These are taken from our textbook written by Bilbao, P. et al)

John Donne said in his song "No man is an island"..."No man stands alone... we need one another..." In the context of our life as a teacher, we would say "No teacher is an island. No teacher stands alone." Indeed, you can't become a teacher alone. Think of the many people who are helping you now become a teacher in the near future. In fact, you soon will be called a "teacher" in relation to a student, n the same manner that your student will be called "student" in relation to you as a teacher.

As a teacher, you have a significant role to play in society. Your influence on your students and on other people with whom you work and live depends a great deal on your philosophy as a person and as a teacher. our philosophy of life and your philosophy of education serve as your "window" to the world and "compass" in the sea of life.

There is a need then to formulate your own philosophy of education. To help you in this task, you are advised to take time to think and write all your answers to the following questions:

1. "Why do I teach?"
2. "What should I teach?"
3. "How should I teach?"
4. "What is the nature of the learner?"
5. "How do we learn?"

(Submission of the above answers to the questions will be on Dec 3. You are also advised to have a copy of the questionnaire on Determining Your Educational Philosophy on pp. 4-5, from the book of Purita P. Bilbao, et. al "The Teaching Profession" Answer the questionnaire yourself and be ready to share it to the class)


  1. dear students... i'm still waiting for you to post your answers. merry Christmas to you all.

  2. This is in response to the task given to the class. The group was asked as to what teaching philosophy does each student belong to during the previous discussions.

    This is in accordance to what I personally believed in:

    As a future teacher, i believed that the students/pupils should be taken good care at school or even at home and feed them with knowledge appropriately intended for them in becoming enlightened and entillegent citizens in a democratic society. A teacher should sustain the relevance of the academic needs of a child to preapre them not for the adult life but how to deal life for today. In one way to another, they will be able to know and adapt any circumstances they will be encountering as they continue their endeavor in this world.

    In this aspect, change has a big impact. Teaching them to become literate in facing the changes in the coming generations. as per famous lines says: " The iliterate of today are not those who can't read and write. Rather, are those who can't learn, unlearn and relearn ".

    In preparing them for these possibilities, one should be equipped of what they can learn today and be able to adjust whatever life may lead them and deal life in the long run.

    The above mentioned lines may not specifically reiterating the methodological view of this philosophy but it has been said that these beliefs belong to the philosophical insights of PROGRESSIVISM.

    Emmanuel Ruel Recente - BEE 2

  3. I did not expect that i would be the first to comment... I asked an apology though for the long delay..

    This is a great blog.What else can i say..

    This subject is such an inspiring one. It gives everyone in the class an insight in dealing the real world of becoming a full time teacher and as a human person.

    I am expecting for a more delighting discussions and if i may say so as of now, i prefer to have a traditional way of teaching because time won't permit us to do newest trigology(if i got it right)..

    Thanks a bunch,
    Emmanuel Ruel Recente- BEE 2

  4. From the discussion that we had, I learned that each of us has a philosophy to adhere,and I found out that I am a progressivist and essentialist as well.The progressivist states that the learnes accept the impermanence of life and the inevitability of change, that everything else changes. This group of teachers teach learners so they may live life fully NOW not to prepare them for adult life. On the other hand, I am an essentialist, it states that teachers teach for learners to acquire basic knowledge, skills and values. Teachers teach not to radically reshape society but rather to transmit the traditional moral values and intellectual knowledge that students need to become model citizens....

    The very important thing that I learned from the discussion was to teach the learners of the values and the manner of arriving the truth. And I am looking forward for the more philosophies to be discussed.

    THANK YOU...


  5. i learned a lot from our discussion and hopefully i would learn more.i also learned that we persons have different philosophy in life this will guide us as we go along wiyh our daily living.we will base our strategy especialy for teaching in the future

  6. hi maam. thank you for being so nice to us.!!!
    You inspired me maam.

  7. sorry if sometimes you feel that we are irresponsible but i just want to let you know maam that i've learned a lot from your teachings!

    you were absent yesterday maam. See you on monday!! We want to know the coverage of your exam to us!

  8. hi maam goodevening!!
    maybe i can say that i am an existentialist because i value the existence of my students to be. i value mre of freedom. to let my students express what they have and what is in their minds and how does they feel.

  9. Cherry Mae Jasmin

    Hi Ma'am,

    Good afternon,

    I just want to thank you for the knowledge that you shared.I learned a lot from you, now while taking up this subject " The Teaching Profession" i learned that every teacher has different teaching philosophy.

    As a future educator,as of now, maybe i would say that i am a progressivist because i believed that the learners accept the impermanence of life and the inevitability of change, that everything else changes.

    I am expecting to learn more from for me to become a better and effective teacher because i really believe that " To Teach is to Touch Lives Forever"

    Thank You Ma'am and More Power!!!!

  10. hi maam good afternoon
    i learned many things that can encourage my chosen profession.
    i learned a lot from you maam that we had various of philosophy that guides us>
    i know maam that as we go along to our topic i have many things to discovered
    thank you for being kind with us................

  11. thank you maam for inspiring us........................
    see you on next week......

    God Blessed.........

  12. "i believe that learning is doing"

  13. hi Emmanuel, Cecille, Danilo, Hannah, Cherry Mae and Mary Grace... its sgood you've tried posting your assignments/thoughts here... keep it up

  14. Hi Ma’am,

    Thank for inspiring us, every meeting. In your subject taught, the teaching profession, I’ve come up to many realizations. I realized how noblest the profession I choose, how big responsibilities I have in the future, as a future educator.

    Before, I thought that being an educator, It has same concept in all aspect. I realized, that we should have our philosophies, to live for and to be our guide in the future career. In your activity that you’ve given to us, where you want us to identify where philosophies we belong. I am more on progressivism who accept the impermanence of life, and the inevitability of changes, for the change is the only thing that does not change.

    Thank you Ma’am and GOD BLESS.